Account/Project Manager Contracted Position for a Maternity Leave



I am in search of a remote/virtual, contracted Account Manager/Project Manager to support my client while I am on maternity leave. This contract would be for roughly 90 days starting June 1 with training starting in Mid March/April. This contractor will fully be ready to take over accounts on June 1 for approximately 3 months. 

Preference for applicants located in North America.

This position supports managing clients and projects for a brand + web design online agency. Projects include brand design, brand + web design + web build out, web design +web build out, as well as social media retainer services (think Pinterest + instagram). While having experience in the brand and web design world would be a plus, it is not necessary. This position is typically 10-15 hours a week. This varies depending on current client load on the books and the types of projects.


This could be you if you are saying “yes” to the following things:

– You love working virtually and you have your own, reliable computer and internet.

– You are familiar with working in a manager role within teams

– You love managing people and deadlines (and you can prioritize deadlines– these are a priority!!)

– Details are your BFF

– You love writing emails and are courteous

– You are an excellent communicator and excellent at relating to people

– You can use your best judgement on the fly to make projects go forward

– You can make decisions (with support of SOPs and training)

–You are empathetic to clients while maintaining professional boundaries and keeping things on track for the company

– You can handle multiple accounts (the number of projects/accounts depends on sales and scope of project)


This position will work in the following softwares/programs:



-Project Management Software

-Gsuite: Gmail, google docs, google calendar





Account Manager/ Project Manager Description:

The Account Manager is the brain behind the branding and web design company’s client activities. Once a client has picked a package, the Account Manager is responsible for getting the client to the finish line with the project smoothly and on time. This person does whatever it takes to make sure it makes it happen. They are the go-to for the client, and they direct emails, questions, timelines, and any other deliverables between the team and the client to make sure the project is completed successfully and on time. If anyone on the team has a question about a client or their project, the Account Manager knows the answers and has everyone covered. The AM is also the liaison between the team and client.



— Scheduling + Timelines: The Account Manager is in charge of the timelines for the project, and in charge of scheduling meetings between anyone that needs to meet to make sure that deliverables are being done and on-time. The AM is responsible for making sure that any deliverables are being handled, and will send reminders about due dates to both the team and the clients to make sure everyone is on-track. It’s better to over-communicate than under-communicate these deadlines!

— Client concierge: The AM is there to support the client and be their guide. If they have questions, or need to hop on the phone, the AM will do so to make sure the client is being completely taken care of. A core value at this agency is love and friendship — this is a huge part of how the AM will be interacting with the client and the team.

–– Field general emails/inquiries: The AM responds to emails from past clients and miscellaneous emails using FAQ documents as a guide.

—Project Management Software: All tasks and deadlines should be created and put into the PM software for delegation to the team. The AM will be in charge of keeping this updated and setting up these processes for each project.

–– Managing team and projects ongoing: The AM is responsible to make sure all team members have what they need and stick to project deadlines. This includes facilitating and managing approvals between contracted designers and the Art Director.

–– Team and Client Liaison: Apart from concierge, the AM is the person who emails clients with their deliverables and liaises between team and client throughout the project. The AM uses SOPs of emails for certain deliverables, and can also improvise and handle client emails (some without specific SOPs)

–– Schedule meetings with clients and web/brand designers in acuity

— Team Check-ins: The AM will need to be available for 2 15-minute check-in’s and one 60 minute check in every week to plan out the next week. Times will be determined based on everyone’s schedules. For some periods of time, this will be done on Slack in lieu of zoom calls. It is the AM who leads and facilitates these check-ins.

— Email: The AM will need to check this email every day, and try to generally have a 24h turnaround on working days for clients and team.

— Team Schedule / Vacation: The AM will be responsible for making sure any out of office / vacation days are known, so we can plan projects around people’s availability. The AM is responsible for keeping this updated, and sending reminders to the team each month so they can update their schedule so we can all stay on track!

— Contracts / Invoices: Once client is on the books, the AM will send out a client welcome email with the contract, invoice (which will be paid via AM). The AM is also responsible to make sure client is onboarded, homework is completed, and that payments are scheduled and run inside of the system.

–– Paying contractors: The AM is responsible for paying up to 3 contractors per project


To apply:

Email the following:

  • Subject line: Hey I’m [YOUR NAME], Account Manager to the Stars!
  • Attach your human design profile (we don’t need to see your birthday- you can just screenshot the picture)
  • In the email text,  tell us
    • Your name
    • How you found out about this position
    • What excites you about the job position described
    • Tell us about your business and how you typically serve your clients
    • What lights you up? What work excites you the most?
    • If a client is requesting to make changes to a project that you know is out of scope, how would you handle that? (If you have clarifying questions, please include them). For example, you are working with a client who has an approved brand (logo, colors, everything), and then later during the web design process, they want to change their logo– it’s out of scope because it’s already been approved. Doing this would delay the schedule. Please write how you would handle this situation.
    • If a contractor who is working on an important piece of the project isn’t meeting deadlines, how would you handle that?
    • Your website (if applicable- if not, no worries) and instagram handle
    • A paragraph about why you are a good fit for this position
    • If you have taken the Kolbe-A, what is your score?
    • What is your desired compensation range for this role? (And what clarifying questions do you have to give a desired range)



I am  accepting initial applications from now until Sunday March 10th, 2019.

You will be notified shortly thereafter if you have been chosen to move forward into the interview process. If you don’t hear from us, thank you so much for applying, and we will keep your application for consideration in the future!


We will interview and test the top candidates the week of March 11th or March 18th (depending on how many applicants we have). If chosen, you’re available to do a video call interview and possible paid test project.

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