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The internet is magical, it can connect and create amazing communities–But NOTHING beats live, in person events. Entrepreneurship is amazing in that we can work with people from ALL OVER the place. It can also feel isolating at times. This is why I love events. Like-minded, inspiring, and courageous entrepreneurs are all in one space, your people! Not only are the connections and community amazing, but you can also get great content to fuel yourself and your biz!

Here are events and retreats that are coming up that I’m excited about!!

Evolution Live In Person e

Eryn Morgan is my coach and success strategist extraordinaire! She is hosting an amazing event with killer content!

Who this is for: emerging and established entrepreneurs alike! If you’re looking to make great connections, learn about your business’ lifeline (SALES), bust up mindsets that aren’t serving you, I recommend this event!

I’ll be there too!!

Learn more here!


  • Shiny Bitch Retreat in Norfolk, VA – November 3-5, 2018

Erin Lindstrom is the visionary and all around shiny woman of Shiny Bitches! I’ve had the opportunity to support Erin in the backend of her business and I am SO excited about her retreat! Erin has a gift of getting high high vibe women together, especially creative entrepreneurs, and aligning them to sell and shine!

While my dog might not let me travel anymore this fall, this retreat is on my wish list!

Who this is for: creative entrepreneurs who are ready to take it to the next level and have the goodness inside of them explode and shine.

Get the details here! 

Erin Lindstrom Shiny Bitch Retreat In Person Events

And follow Erin on Instagram and DM if you have any questions!

Other events I love–– Masterminds/Group Coaching Retreats

Masterminds and Group Coaching is an investment that has been paying off for me, bigtime. You don’t know what you don’t know. And I’ve joined some fabulous women with equally fabulous coaches in these groups. While the groups go on for several months, included is often a RETREAT! And these are the BEST! While you connect to a certain degree on group calls and private coaching, getting together with your biz BFFS is simply the best. This is where I uplevel and expand.

  • Evolution with my aforementioned and amazing coach, Eryn Morgan, has been a game-changer. I signed on with this group once I had a wait-list and knew that I needed support. And the mastermind group felt like a great fit for me. My fave babes in my Evolution cohort and I met up in Orlando this past January and it made my soul so happy and I walked away with actionable plans to grow my business! I learned about sales, mindset, and so many other things that were so very important for me!

You can learn more about Eryn here! 

In person Events

Hot Seats Outdoors in Orlando at our Evolution Mastermind Retreat


  • The  CEO Roundtable with Nicole Jackson Miller is my newest venture! At the time of this writing, I’m leaving tomorrow for my first retreat with my CEO Roundtable cohorts and I’m so excited! Nicole’s strengths lie in building team and hiring. I’m learning so much already from our virtual calls and I can’t wait to spend 3 nights in Colorado with my new business besties and learn all the things that I don’t even know that I don’t know yet!

You can learn more about Nicole here!


Events I’ve been to and loved

Palm Springs was amazing and I got to learn from the likes of Cyndie Spiegel and Stacy London’s keynote was moving. She was very real and I she waved at me after I said “OMG that’s Stacy London” while people were waiting in the photo line, so that felt special. 

Weekend getaways are great and my real and biz bff Kelsey and I went this past August and we had a blast. And Jenna Kutcher was the keynote and she is literally everything. And rumor has it that there is a killer lineup of speakers in the works for 2019! But TBH, I really liked the canoeing and making friends and the pool party 😉

In Person Events


People to keep tabs on for their next retreats/in person events:

Here are some events that I can’t make this month and I encourage you to keep an eye out on these gals for their next events! Follow them on insta, join their mailing lists, all the things!

@amykurtetsky https://www.instagram.com/amykuretsky/

@lizwhite.co https://www.instagram.com/lizwhite.co/

@maggiegentry_ https://www.instagram.com/maggiegentry_/

Is there an event that you just love? Let me know in the comments!

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